Build Small, Live Large…

Here is the link to the presentation from Tony Pope’s Build Small, Live Large presentation on 4/4/19, COA-Build Large

Interested in knowing what Tony Pope and Atelier 7 can design for you? Meet Tony Pope, Dr. Young and a few other neighbors at Young Dentistry, 2265 Cascade Rd SW, Atlanta, GA 30311, Saturday April 20th at 12PM for Container Possibilities.

Tony Pope’s, presentation was AWESOME with a full house and a mix of neighbors and attendees from all over the city.

Tony, had some smart answers and the audience had great questions. Tony Pope, had many of us thinking about how to use our properties to accommodate more family members, home offices and guest houses… A Sheryl Shed is on my lists of upgrades to my property! Have you considered taking your property to the next level and creating livable spaces in your backyard????

Tell us what you think about ADU’s, Tiny Houses and container living and how you will use your new spaces and share your pictures and design ideas too?…

Container homes, sheds, home offices, pool/ guest houses and affordable housing. Repurposed shipping containers can provide all of that and more.

Join Architect Tony Pope at the Atlanta City Studio for a discussion on living large in, not so tiny and very functional spaces.

Tiny houses and the need to downsize has made shipping containers and other small build buildings popular let’s explore how this could boost incomes, provide generational living and make your property more usable. Let’s keep the conversation going here at OURCBC.ORG

Tony Pope’s Build Small, Live Large presentation on 4/4/19, COA-Build Large

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