Renew Atlanta funds in jeopardy…

Renew Atlanta funds that were earmarked for SW ATL and repairing Cascade Rd. and other streets are in Jeopardy…All neighbors and tax paying citizens must attend Renew Atlanta Bond meeting on Wednesday, February 27th, at the CT Martin Recreation Center, 3201 MLK Dr. 30311.

City Council member Matt Westmoreland spoke at NPU-R on Wednesday evening and informed the attendees that promises were made about Renew Atlanta that cannot be kept… Kasim Reed came to the Atlanta City Studio before leaving office and assured the attendees of that meeting that the funds were secured and earmarked for Cascade’s, Renew Atlanta project. 

  1. Promises made that cannot be kept is code for mis appropriation of funds to repair our streets. 
  • I will bet all promises to the north and east sides of town are kept. Why? Because they go to council meetings and tell what they want and they get it…
  • We are tired of city council falling short on their promises especially when it comes to Southwest Atlanta receiving funding and services. 

With that said it is time to BOSS UP SW ATL. We the people pay all of the bills at city hall lights, gas, water and ALL SALARIES. We are they’re BOSSES, they work for us and we have been patient long enough. Please think like a boss, would you hire someone and not train, him or her? 

We must go to city council from time to time to teach our hires how to best work on our behalf and of course if they do not get the hang of it we can fire and hire someone else however that takes four years. 

Neighbors, Residents and Tax Payers we must go to the Renew Atlanta Bond Meeting at 6:30pm in large numbers. Please respond back to this post and follow it and help us create a plan to address the people that we have hired to work in our best interest. 

Potholes like these have plagued the streets of SW ATL for years. We have been patient and paid our taxes and we want our streets repaired and safe from crime and drugs and we want real solutions for the homeless.


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