Pain 2 Wellness Chiropractic

Surely a body that is in alignment moves and feels better and has to be a cornerstone of good health. Most of us live in pain either from sleeping in awkward positions, never correcting an old injury, arthritis, nerve damage, auto accident injury and a plethora of other causes can add to daily discomfort and many of us go without treatment. Chiropractic therapy is amazing and natural and can be an alternative to medicines and can truly resolve your problems from the inside out.

The Doctor’s Carhee’s (husband and wife) own and operate exceptional businesses here in SW ATL and Fayetteville and have served the residents in SW ATL., for over 12 years and they are residents here in SW ATL as well. If you are in pain seek wellness, Pain 2 Wellness.

Dr. Winston Carhee and members of Pain 2 Wellness staff with members of the Southwest Atlanta Environmentalist Group SAYEG, who sang Christmas Carols over the Holidays throughout SW ATL.
Thanks, Doctors Carhee’s for being an awesome community partner and operating a business of excellence in our community.

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