Let’s revisit Family Dollar….

Surely you have noticed that the trash and dumped items have been removed and windows replaced at the FD well that is because a neighbor called her news anchor contact and he called FD to inquire about reporting the story about the trash dumping and un replaced glass windows and doors. Which gave FD the opportunity to clean up effectively killing the story and avoiding damaging publicity. FD chooses to keep their businesses in black communities filthy as a matter of fact it is a corporate directive no doubt directly from the district manager.  No problem if putting FD on blast is what we need to do to change their behavior then “We” need to be prepared to do so. We could also stop spending our hard earned dollars, which is where all of our power lies.

Coming soon there will be an Ask, as to how we as a community should handle this type of Corporate Bight and disrespect in our communities…. Please, respond, share your thoughts and participate in your community.


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