Happy New Year!

Adams Park, Beecher Hills, Pomona Park, Cascade Heights, Greenbriar, Campbellton Rd. and all of the many-faceted neighborhoods that make up Southwest Atlanta, from the Cascade Business Consortium CBC, Google us and find out what we are about and join us and be the change that you want to see in beautiful Southwest Atlanta. A CBC membership has privileges and the ability to make contacts in your community that connect us and make us stronger. We do not spend much time griping about what we cannot change but rather effectively creating strategies that truly create change in our neighborhoods and communities. The Cascade Business Consortium is a private organization and we respect our members time and work on projects that are of importance to us and in a manner in which we research the best approach, create a strategy and implement. The CBC is looking to grow and strengthen our organization and service to our communities. If you are an organized, self-starter who can volunteer a couple of hours a month of your time and natural talents to your community, please join us, contact us at chbconsortium@gmail.com.


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