The Third bi annual 3G Summit was a success and very cool, too!

The 3G Roundtable gave community stakeholders a chance to discuss and create strategies for our SW ATL community challenges. Hands down education was top on our list, but educating on every level starting with our youth and APS, our young adults and discussing the importance of their vote and how to be participatory in the process and volunteering. We also asked the NPU chairs that attended to invite the teens to their monthly meeting and have them manage the information table and learn how our city is run and decisions that are made on our behalf by elected officials, after all our children are our future and may very well run this city one day.

The 3G Summit gave us a chance to share our findings on education, hear from our brilliant children about their education and if APS is delivering a sound education to our children. Atlanta residents pay taxes to APS which is financially sound and have money to educate our children. What APS lacks are good teachers here in SW. Yep I said it because I have spent time volunteering as an Ameri Corps member and lets just say the teachers at Gideon’s that were caught up in the test cheating scandal were guilty and did not work hard at educating but rather receiving the funds that came along with “no child left behind”, however several hundred of our children (our future) were left out of an education.

The “Think Tank showed the importance of attending APS board meetings regularly and how our voice’s as a community concerned about our schools and our children education and safety must be displayed and never left to others to make decisions for us about us and our children.

Keep in touch, the CBC has four Think Tanks planned for 2019 planned for small business owners and entrepreneurs, community organizations and young adults.       If you have a child in APS, keep abreast of what we are doing and join us we are better in numbers.

After the Think Tank….#Vote Together Day Party kicked off…sharing amendment information that was on the ballot that does not receive as many votes as candidates with our neighbors and discussing the 2020 election as well. It is always good to fellowship with neighbors and friends!

Education Think Tank

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