Family Dollar at 2324 Cascade Rd. is now a Dumping Ground…

Family Dollar has proven to be a company that continues to disrespect us and we pay them to do so. Remember the abandoned car that sat for months while being stripped of its parts in the FD parking lot? The manager told me that the District Manager said if the residents want it out they should put some money together and have it towed…No lie, this is truth.  Broken windows and doors that take forever to repair always a filthy parking lot, never do they work to keep the street people from their front doors but rather encourage it, prices are higher than Kroger, Publix, Target and Walmart and now a DUMPING SITE…..

Of course my question is how do we untangle ourselves from this mess that our former community leaders got us into without once asking if we wanted a dollar store in our community. Family Dollar’s track record of filth and lack of concern for the residents and clients in the communities that they hold hostage by being on every sixth corner making it harder for other like type stores to come in because on every fourth corner is a Dollar Tree. Same company, same corporate business mentality and same filth. These companies never give back to our communities by supporting our schools, children or seniors and never have a regular maintenance plan for their commercial properties which are usually rented. Yes FD does not own the properties that they run their businesses out of, they rent from developers and commercial RE companies, that may be a reason why they do not respect the property because they do not own, but more likely they are in it to make the money and when the dollars don’t make sense they can pack up move out and Dollar General will move right in, case and point the other Cascade and Beecher, end of the corridor….

I filed a complaint with ATL 311, two minutes ago on Next Door. Neighbors please follow this complaint and I asked that they send code enforcement to this location as well. Businesses that do not respect our community should not be here and we should not patronize them. I have always fancied a restaurant in that spot. We need to pull out a can of Birmingham Bus Boycott on FD.

FD link,,-inc/company-overview


Family Dollar rear exterior,
near dumpsters has become a dumping ground.

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