3G Roundtable

On SaturdayAugust 4th stakeholders came together at the

Atlanta City Studio for the 3GRT a conference which was really a

“Think Tank”, bought together some of the hardest community workers in

Southwest Atlanta. NPU chairs, APS reps, APD Zone 4 Sgt. and the community

liaison officer, AFD, educators, lawyers, philanthropists and

regular neighbors like myself who show up and get the work

done. We invited all city council representatives who represent

our communities but unfortunatelynone of them could join us.

We had five community challenges that we wanted to explore and

create strategies that would ultimately be the change that we want

to see. Everyone in the room agreed that public safety, blight,

recidivism, homelessness, low voter turn out and all other

challenges that affect our communities is all of our problem and

responsibility and for us to wait for police and city council and the

mayor to do the work is not the manner in which we should

operate as residents, citizens andBOSSES, because that is who

we are, our vote gives us that honor but our community activism

is what seals it and will truly be the key to our communities being

places of peace, economic growth and maintain it’s boundless

beauty for the future.

Nick Hess, the Chair of NPU-S and CBC team members Shélan

O’Keefe and Henry Kellam partnered on Blight and Dumping and

came up with some awesome ideas that we can implement on our

own as a community that will probably get us faster access to

property owners than code enforcement and compliance.

Larry Riley, CBC CFO andWoke Team Leader partnered with

Meg Gomes from the Community Foundation and myself along

with NPU chairs to work on increasing voter education and

registration amongst 16-18 year olds, who will be of voting age for

the 2020 elections, which will prove to be one of the most

important elections of our lifetime. The Woke Team is a political

education group.

Eunice Glover,led public Safety along with APD Zone 4, Sgt.

Martin and Cascade Business corridor community liaison, Officer

Reid and Ms. Morgan from AFD. The bottom line is we need to

have a Court Watch team that will attend court proceedings that

involve crimes committed in our communities. Judges pay

attention and sentence accordingly when members of the

community show up and abdicate for their communities.

Homelessness and mental health was also on our list of

challenges and other acts of crime on the corridor were

discussed. Thank you to all who attended and did the hard work

and I encourage you to invite your city council representatives to

join us in the planning for our communities.

On October 6 ththe CBC will host the third bi annual3G Summit

and we will share the outcomes of the roundtable in four

workshops that will be shared with all of Southwest Atlanta

residents in Adams Park. Stay tuned for more information and

Save the Date 10/6/18.

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2 thoughts on “3G Roundtable

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